Re: is Ruby dead ? lkml: Real multi-user linux

From: James Simmons (
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 18:43:52 EST

> I was wonderin what does this post by James Simmons means.
> James did you abondon ruby in order to bring something comersial ?
> there are no changes in ruby for a more then 4 monts,
> and ruby is hardly useable/ compilable, and you are talking about
> a production status?

The 2.5.X version is broken. Instead I have beening working on making
the fbdev layer stable. The api I developed while working on ruby. The
2.4.X version is quite stable. Alot of the framebuffer drivers could be
dropped onto the 2.4.X ruby kernel and it would work. We do have a few
changes in the framebuffer api that happened but that wouldn't take much
to port to ruby 2.4.X.

> did i misunderstood something, or you have droped ruby for something comersial?

No. I'm still working on ruby. All my 2.5.X is geared toward ruby.

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