aic79xx problem

From: Russell Miller (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 16:39:34 EST

Hello, I'm hoping that you can help or give me pointers as where to turn.

We just set up a dual xeon system with an integrated Adaptec Ultra320
controller under redhat 8.0. It seems to work ok, except upon startup, the
driver reports that it could not negotiate WIDE, synchronous, or command
tagging. The last two I'm not so worried about, the first I'm a little
puzzled about. It is a wide drive, a wide controller, all of the jumpers are
set up properly on the drive, the bios is set up correctly (enabling wide,
synchronous, and I believe tagging), yet the drive refuses to go WIDE. I
believe this could knock performance down by half, which is unacceptable,
considering how much we paid for a fast drive. Are there known issues in the
kernel or drivers that could cause this to happen?

Thanks in advance! And please CC me on any responses.


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