Re: Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 vs. Broadcom BCM9430x

From: Jeremy Fitzhardinge (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 16:17:55 EST

On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 13:37, Anders Karlsson wrote:
> And that is if your laptop will allow such a card to be plugged in and
> used of course. Thinkpads with the tcpa chip in them might not allow
> such a card,

Nothing to do with TCPA: my laptop doesn't have one, and it objects to
"foreign" wireless cards. Plain old BIOS is enough.

Fortunately IBM support the Cisco Airo 350 mini-pci card, and supply a
(GPLed) driver. It isn't the greatest driver (no 2.5 port, seems flakey
when doing anything with the admin tool, no wireless extension support),
but it works enough to make wireless useful.


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