Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 time code for 2.5.70

From: Andi Kleen (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 14:18:15 EST

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 11:50:32AM -0700, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> The time code for x86-64 in 2.5.70 isout of date and wildly unstable,
> setting the clock to the year 1,115,117 (!) during boot about 60% of the
> time. This subsequently causes other pieces of completely unrelated
> userspace software to crash randomly for no obvious reason once the
> system comes up.

Thanks for doing this work.

Does it only look this way or is your white space really broken?

> Right now, the only known problem is with the fixup of jiffies if a
> timer interrupt is lost, which I've hence turned off. There's
> preliminary support for using HPET for the gettimeofday vsyscall, but
> since vsyscalls are disabled on x86-64 for now, that's obviously
> untested.

What makes you think they are disabled? They are used for every 64bit
program that uses gettimeofday or time and enabled by default.

> +static inline void rdtscll_sync(unsigned long *tsc)
> +{
> + sync_core();
> + rdtscll(*tsc);

On UP the sync_core is not really needed, but more reliable. May be worth
it to stick into an #ifdef though.
> }
> + call++;
> +

What's that?

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