Re: [RFC] New system device API

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 16:23:48 EST


> > Okay, but you should keep "new" functions as similar to existing ones
> > as possible. That means 3 parameters for suspend functions, and as
> > similar semantics to existing callbacks as possible.
> Did you read the earlier posts? They are similar, and simplified because
> they don't need the level, since all suspend/resume is expected to happen
> with interrupts disabled. The semantics are obvious, the deviation
> trivial, and this thread a dead horse.

The deviation is *not* trivial, and because I can not give you example
does not mean it does not exist.

> > > So? A keyboard controller is not classified as a system device.
> >
> > Its not on pci, I guess it would end up as a system device...
> Huh? Since when is everything that's not PCI a system device? Please read
> the documentation, esp. WRT system and platform devices.

Well, can you be a little more concrete? I do not see any description
about what is system device and what is not.

Keyboard controller is very deeply integrated into the system. If it
is not system device, what is it?

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