Re: Linksys WRT54G and the GPL

From: Russ Dill (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 22:47:16 EST

<udhcp maintainer hat on>

> <BusyBox maintainer hat on>

> I went through a similar exercise several weeks ago when I saw
> the thread on the l-k mailing list. It took just a fix minutes
> to extract the linux kernel and cramfs filesystem from their
> firmware. Linksys is indeed shipping BusyBox and the Linux
> kernel without releasing source in violation of the GPL. I had
> my lawyer (it helps to have a lawyer for a Dad) send them a
> rather polite but firm letter about 3 weeks ago. No response.
> So he has now sent them a second letter... Assuming we again get
> no response, Linksys is going to find themselves in court in the
> very near future.

<udhcp maintainer hat on>

While a company including udhcp is a really exciting thing for me, its
mostly exciting because I get the additional resources of anyone at
linksys working on the code, and they get a low cost of ownership dhcp
server. Of course, if they don't send me the code, it doesn't help me at
all, and I get pissed off.

By downloading the firmware, and looking at the output of strings
usr/sbin/udhcpd makes it pretty clear that they have made modifications.
Anyway, sign me on for whatever legal actions you are making, caus I
want my code back.

Russ Dill

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