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Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 19:31:04 EST

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> I looked up domain in the dictionary and my eyes fell upon
> diatribe, which I think describes the most common use of "domain".
> Whatever happened to the word "group"? Why don't people just use
> the word that was invented to represent commonality? Why do they
> have to be "creative" and use words that are way out of context?

I am fairly certain we are still paying the penalty for letting the
mathematicians have the first crack at computing back in the pre-history.

"Domain of the problem yields a range of solutions" and all its variations
makes "domain" from the "wonderful world of set theory" come creeping up in
all of its forms.

I myself am guilty of talking about the "domain of a problem" and I reek at
math... 8-)


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