Re: Question about style when converting from K&R to ANSI C.

From: Steven Cole (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 18:30:25 EST

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 17:01, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Steven Cole writes:
> > Here is a snippet of a patch from arch/ppc/xmon/ppc-opc.c:
> Given that that file is a direct lift from binutils, I would rather
> update it with the latest version from binutils than waste time on
> reformatting, if it really bothers you.
> My opinion is that changing code that works and that doesn't need
> attention is a waste of time. If you're working on some code (or even
> if you are just trying to understand it and you want to make it clearer),
> then fine, reformat/re-indent/fix argument declarations/whatever, but
> if you're not, find something more productive to do.
> Paul.
The only purpose was to convert from K&R style:

int foo(bar, baz)
long bar;
long baz;

to ANSI C style:

int foo(long bar, long baz)

The purpose of the above is that Linus's new sparse checker purposefully
ignores K&R style, and he has indicated a willingness to accept patches
for the conversion. In fact, he began the conversion himself.

If you'd rather me not touch arch/ppc/xmon/ppc-opc.c and xmon.c, then I
won't. I was about ready to send those patches to you. Please let me
know what you'd prefer. The default will be no action. Thanks.


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