Re: Question about style when converting from K&R to ANSI C.

From: Paul Mackerras (
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 18:01:16 EST

Steven Cole writes:

> Here is a snippet of a patch from arch/ppc/xmon/ppc-opc.c:

Given that that file is a direct lift from binutils, I would rather
update it with the latest version from binutils than waste time on
reformatting, if it really bothers you.

My opinion is that changing code that works and that doesn't need
attention is a waste of time. If you're working on some code (or even
if you are just trying to understand it and you want to make it clearer),
then fine, reformat/re-indent/fix argument declarations/whatever, but
if you're not, find something more productive to do.

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