RE: [2.4.21-pre7-ac1] IDE Warning when booting

From: Mudama, Eric (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 11:25:18 EST

Was thinking...

Do you know what attempted multi count was as an argument to SET MULTIPLE

The specification says powers of 2 from 2 to 128 are all valid, however,
most drives I have looked at only support <= 16. This has some sort of
historical oem reason for being the max and I haven't worked here long
enough to know the 'why'.

However, the ID block also reports the maximum multiple count in word 47
bits 7..0, so if that was non zero, the drive shouldn't abort it.

The engineer sitting next to me (former quantum employee) is reasonably
certain that the drive shouldn't be aborting that command.

It'd be interesting to look at the ID block and the task file for that
command that the drive aborted.


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> > Alan did post an explanation for these (which I haven't read before
> > posting this) that these are harmless. And yes, the
> task_no_data_intr
> > vs. set_multmode makes all the difference. :-) Getting these quieted
> > down would be nice, though.
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