RE: /proc/cpuinfo and hyperthreading

From: Zwane Mwaikambo (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 01:28:35 EST

On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, Scott Robert Ladd wrote:

> But later in the boot, it also states:
> Dec 15 11:51:18 Tycho kernel: SMP motherboard not detected.
> Something just doesn't look right about this.

Thats just the MP table parsing code whining. Which is ok since you're
using ACPI... hmm then again...

if (!smp_found_config) {
                printk(KERN_NOTICE "SMP motherboard not detected.\n");
                phys_cpu_present_map = 1;
                if (APIC_init_uniprocessor())

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