RE: Compiling iproute2(w/HTB patch) for 2.5.51

From: Mikael Starvik (
Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 01:26:55 EST

I have the exact same problem with sysklogd and I found
that linux/module.h has a lot of new includes in 2.5
that indirectly brings in a lot of .h files that
shouldn't be included from userspace.

Because of this you get both the compilers definition
of FD_SET etc and the kernels version. I have not yet
had the time to find out how to solve this but the
solution is either to remove some includes or to add
more #ifdef __KERNEL__.

Question 1: Should it at all be possible to compile
applications with 2.5.x headers?

Question 2: Is there any chance that we can remove
or #ifdef some includes in module.h (e.g. sched.h)?

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