Re: procps 2.x vs. procps 3.x

From: Albert D. Cahalan (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 10:14:43 EST

Brandon Low writes:

> Well at Gentoo, we are kinda using both right now. We've noticed
> some querkiness with the 3.x series where TOP will miss certain
> characters in output,

If nobody else knows about it, it's not too likely to get fixed.
Send bug reports to please.

Before you do: "certain characters" will need some explaining.
(position? value? completely gone or turned into a space?)

> but the 3.x series is much prettier and
> feature rich than the 2.x series. On the other hand, 2.x is
> consistently more up to date with kernel changes since RML and Riel
> maintain it and are intimately familiar with current kernel
> development.

I just got the last bit, /proc/*/wchan usage on 2.5.xx kernels.
Oddly, I'm ahead right now. I have a vmstat that uses a fast O(1)
algorithm on 2.5.xx kernels and reports the IO-wait time. I also
have a sysctl that handles the 2.5.xx VLAN interfaces.

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