procps 2.x vs. procps 3.x

From: Dan Kegel (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 20:53:13 EST

Albert Cahalan wrote in message "[ANNOUNCE] procps 3.1.3":
> This release includes user selection in top, the sysctl -e
> option needed to support the Red Hat 8.0 boot scripts, and
> the use of /proc/*/wchan on recent 2.5.xx kernels.
> For those of you still upgrading from procps 2.0.xx releases,
> you can expect:
> ...
> There's a mailing list you can
> use for feature requests, bug reports, and so on. Use it!


Robert Love wrote in message "[announce] procps 2.0.11":
> Rik and I are pleased to announce version 2.0.11 of procps, the package
> that contains ps, top, free, vmstat, etc.
> Newer versions of procps are required for 2.5 kernels.
> ...
> Procps discussion, bugs, and patches are welcome at:

Which one should distributions use?
Or is that a matter of taste?

- Dan

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