RE: 2.5 Changes doc update.

From: Holzrichter, Bruce (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 12:38:51 EST

> IDE.
> ~~~~

> - Known problems with the current IDE code.
> o Simplex IDE devices (eg Ali15x3) are missing DMA sometimes
> o Serverworks OSB4 may panic on bad blocks or other non
> fatal errors
> o PCMCIA IDE hangs on eject
> o Most PCMCIA devices have unload races and may oops on eject
> o Modular IDE does not yet work, modular IDE PCI modules sometimes
> oops on loading
> o Silicon Image controllers give really bad performance currently.

FWIW to you, though I know this is mostly x86 centric, there are Endian
issues with current 2.5 IDE, and Big Endian machines such as sparc64 won't
work right now with IDE.

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