[DUMB QUESTION] bonding. ethernet bonding.

From: Paul P Komkoff Jr (i@stingr.net)
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 12:38:04 EST

hmm. I'm very very unfamiliar with this thing. So when I first tried
to install it I downloaded latest bonding code against 2.4.20 from
sf.net/projects/bonding , patched my kernel with it and etc etc ...

... skipping ...

boot. ip ad flush dev eth{0,1}
modprobe bonding miimon=100
ip ad add myip/mymask brd + dev bond0
ifenslave bond0 eth0 eth1
ip li set bond0 up

switch on the other side (3com superstack 3) configured for trunking
on that 2 ports.

and then
ping $addr_on_local_net do nothing


tcpdump -i bond0 -vvv -n host $addr_on_local_net

will show me arp replies that $addr_on_local_net is on some
mac_address but
ip ne sh
will show that arp lookup is incomplete then failed

What's wrong?
Maybe other patches I've put in conflicting with this?

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff 'Greatest' Jr /// (icq)23200764 /// (http)stingr.net
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