[2.4]ALi M5451 sound hangs on init; workaround

From: Fedor Karpelevitch (fedor@apache.org)
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 10:15:20 EST

I have ALi M5451 souncard in my laptop (Compaq Presario 900z for those
searching) and it hangs the machine with any kernel I tried
(currently 2.4.20-ac1 + hirofumi patch). I traced it down to the line
where it hangs - that is drivers/sound/trident.c:3379 which says:
pci_write_config_byte(pci_dev, 0xB8, ~temp);

removing this line fixes the problem for me.
I am not sure what would be the proper fix.
The hanging looks slightly different at different times: sometimes it
would just freeze, but sometimes it would would start giving ide
errors on any operation and sometimes it was giving this message:
"i8253 count too high! resetting." once or twice, but anyway the
system was not functional after that.
I got similar results with alsa drivers for this card, but I did not
debug that.

I am also getting several IRQ conflict messages on boot, I wonder if
that could be related to this problem and I wonder whether they are
something I should worry about or not.


PS. some additional info about the system in case it is relevant: it's
Compaq Presario 900z with Athlon XP 1500+, lspci output is attached,
distribution is debian unstable.

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