Re: HPT372 RAID controller

From: Samuel Flory (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 13:42:59 EST

Spacecake wrote:

>I've been putting off posting to this mailing list, because i really
>didn't want to bother all you busy kernel development type peoples :),
>but after searching for about a week, i am no closer to the answer -
>maybe the author of the driver can help me, or something.
>Using the above raid controller, which is onboard the Abit KX7-333R
>Using a single HDD to test it with, the HDD in question works fine using
>the VIA IDE controller on the same board.
>If this matters, i don't actually want RAID, i am just using it as
>another IDE controller.
>I'm using the 2.4.20 kernel, and i thought this controller had been
>supported since 2.4.18. I'll include the relevant part of my current
>.config below.

   Things have been changing a lot in the 2.4 ide driver. Try Alan's ac
kernel. That's where all of the ide bug fixing is being done.

1)Apply ac patch
- cd ~
- wget
- cd /usr/src/
- cp -a linux-2.4.20 linux-2.4.20-ac1
- cd linux-2.4.20-ac1
- bzcat ~/patch-2.4.20-ac1.bz2| patch -p1
2)Compile and install kernel
- cp .config 1
- make mrproper
- cp 1 .config
- make oldconfig
- make dep bzImage modules modules_install install
3)If you still have issues send an email to the list with 2.4.20-ac1 in
the subject. Include:
- ide section of dmesg
- output of "hdparm -vi <drive>"
- results of "hdparm -d 1 <drive>" including any thing that shows up in
dmesg afterwards.


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