Re: adjtimex/ppskit

From: Ulrich Windl (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 03:07:35 EST

On 7 Dec 2002 at 15:14, Kurt Roeckx wrote:

> I have this problem with the ntp/adjtimex. Ntpd sets the freq
> field to a value outside the valid range. According to Dave
> Mills, the kernel is supposed to clamp the frequency. I see that
> in the PPSkit this is done properly ...
> Would it be possible to integrate the PPSkit in the kernel soon?
> If not, could you atleast get parts of it in the kernel, so it
> works correctly with ntpd?

I see: The code used in v2.4.10 of the kernel reads like this:

            if (txc->modes & ADJ_FREQUENCY) { /* p. 22 */
                if (txc->freq > MAXFREQ || txc->freq < -MAXFREQ) {
                    result = -EINVAL;
                    goto leave;
                time_freq = txc->freq - pps_freq;

The PPSkit code reads like this:

                if (txc->modes & MOD_FREQUENCY) { /* p. 22 */
                        long freq; /* frequency ns/s) */
                        freq = txc->freq / SCALE_PPM;
                        if (freq > MAXFREQ) {
                                result = -EINVAL;
                                freq = MAXFREQ;
                        } else if (freq < -MAXFREQ) {
                                result = -EINVAL;
                                freq = -MAXFREQ;
                        L_LINT(time_freq, freq);
                        pps.freq = time_freq;

(So just limit the argument in addition to returning -EINVAL; the other
differences are because of the modified clock model and nanoseconds)

Returning "-EINVAL" is a subject to discussion, so it could be left out.
I don't have the time to make a proper patch at the moment, but I think
everyone could fix it until a proper patch is available.


> Kurt

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