Re: [parisc-linux] Untested port of parisc_device to generic device interface

From: Miles Bader (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 03:02:39 EST

Greg KH <> writes:
> > This this would end up [or have the ability to] invoking a bus-specific
> > routine at some point, right? [so that a truly PCI-specific definition
> > could be still be had]
> If that was needed, yes, we should not break that functionality.
> Are there any existing archs that need more than just dma_mask moved to
> struct device out of pci_dev? Hm, ppc might need a bit more...

I can't speak for `real machines,' but on my wierd embedded board,
pci_alloc_consistent allocates from a special area of memory (not
located at 0) that is the only shared memory between PCI devices and the
CPU. pci_alloc_consistent happens to fit this situation quite well, but
I don't think a bitmask is enough to express the situation.


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