Re: [PATCH] O_STREAMING - flag for optimal streaming I/O

From: Giuliano Pochini (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 03:33:36 EST

On 10-Oct-2002 Erik Andersen wrote:
> I don't think grep is a very good candidate for O_STREAMING. I
> usually want the stuff I grep to stay in cache. O_STREAMING is
> much better suited to applications like ogle, vlc, xine, xmovie,
> xmms etc since there is little reason for the OS to cache things
> like songs and movies you aren't likely to hear/see again any
> time soon.

The kernel already have cache pruning algorithm. O_STREAMING logic
should not clear caches if there is no need to do that. We could
fake the age of the pages loaded with O_STR to make the kernel
discard them earlier (oh, I SUPPOSE pages have an age to make
a lru replacement algorithm possible).


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