Re: [PATCH] O_STREAMING - flag for optimal streaming I/O

From: Erik Andersen (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 22:29:51 EST

On Thu Oct 10, 2002 at 12:20:02AM +0100, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Mark Mielke wrote:
> > 2) Pages should not be candidates for dropping if the pages belong
> > to the first few pages of a file. (First = 2? 4? 8?) The theory
> > being, that somebody could begin reading the file again from the
> > beginning.
> This breaks the benefit of using O_STREAMING to read a lot of small
> files once, as you might do when grepping the kernel tree for example.

I don't think grep is a very good candidate for O_STREAMING. I
usually want the stuff I grep to stay in cache. O_STREAMING is
much better suited to applications like ogle, vlc, xine, xmovie,
xmms etc since there is little reason for the OS to cache things
like songs and movies you aren't likely to hear/see again any
time soon.


Erik B. Andersen   
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