Re: Kernel from 2.5.5 onwards won't boot on a P200 MMX

From: Richard Purdie (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 10:16:34 EST

> I'm having trouble getting the 2.5 kernels from 2.5.5 onwards to run on my
> Pentium 200 MMX system. The same kernels all work fine on my K6-2-400. I
> am compiling for the right processor (I've tried a few different ones with
> effect).

> It's getting to the "Uncompressing Linux..." stage but I never get the Ok
> message.

I've finally tracked this down (at least partially). It's something to do
with the sound drivers... If I disable the sound system it all works fine.
The sound options I was using were probably a bit weird as I wasn't sure
what I needed.

I've tried removing individual options from the sound section to try and
narrow this down but they all the options seem to be interdependent.

For reference the sound system was moved from /drivers/sound to /sound in
2.5.5 which is where the kernels stopped working from.

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