Kernel from 2.5.5 onwards won't boot on a P200 MMX

From: Richard Purdie (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 18:22:14 EST

I'm having trouble getting the 2.5 kernels from 2.5.5 onwards to run on my
Pentium 200 MMX system. The same kernels all work fine on my K6-2-400. I am
compiling for the right processor (I've tried a few different ones with no

It's getting to the "Uncompressing Linux..." stage but I never get the Ok
message. The actual crash varies as below. My .config is attached. I'll work
on this some more tomorrow but any hints would be appreciated. Is there a
way I can take out the highmem update that was part of 2.5.5 to see if its

The results of different versions are as follows:

2.5.1 works

2.5.4 works

Uncompressing Linux...

crc error

 -- System halted

2.5.6: reboots just after loading into memory

2.5.8: reboots just after loading into memory

Uncompressing Linux...

invalid compressed format (err=1)

 -- System halted

2.5.30 same as 2.5.15:


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