Re: Linux 2.5.30: [SERIAL] build fails at 8250.c

From: Kai Germaschewski (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 20:05:42 EST

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Russell King wrote:

> When I build 8250.c into the kernel, linux/module.h doesn't include
> linux/version.h, so when we include linux/serialP.h, the compiler
> assumes that LINUX_VERSION_CODE is zero. So we end up including
> linux/serial.h.
> However, when building as a module, linux/module.h does include
> linux/version.h, so when we don't include linux/serial.h.
> Oh, the problems of trying to reduce the includes... I think we should
> re-include linux/serial.h and eliminate linux/serialP.h.
> Hmm, I wonder how many other oddities like this are in the tree today.
> It sounds like we want to create a rule similar to the one for using
> CONFIG_* symbols. Does this sound reasonable: if you use
> LINUX_VERSION_CODE, you must include linux/version.h into that very
> same file to guarantee that it is defined.
> Well, I took and created (attached).
> Oh god, can I please put the worms back in the can? Now? I think
> there's lots of work to do here; lots of stuff including linux/version.h
> for the hell of it, and a comparitively small number not including it
> when they use LINUX_VERSION_CODE.
> (No, I'm just off to zzz, so this must be a nightmare, maybe it'll go
> away by the time I wake up later today.) 8/

Hmmh, note that is actually not necessary anymore, it could
be replaced by just including config.h unconditionally, or even include
the macros from the commandline (-imacro include/linux/autoconf.h, I think
you yourself did suggest that ;). The old build system relied on
#include <linux/config.h> to get "make dep" right, but that's not
necessary anymore.

So I'm not sure introducing such a kind-of-weird rule for "version.h" is
the right way to go. An alternative would be to follow kaos' suggestion
and split version.h into uts_release.h (for the UTS_RELEASE macro) and
version.h for the numeric version. Then just include version.h from
kernel.h and be done with it.


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