Re: Linux 2.5.30: [SERIAL] build fails at 8250.c

From: Russell King (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 18:56:26 EST

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:49:24PM -0700, Adam J. Richter wrote:
> linux-2.5.30/include/linux/serialP.h needs struct async_icount,
> which is defined in <linux/serial.h>, causing
> linux-2.5.30/drivers/serial/8250.c not to compile, among other problems.
> In linux-2.5.30, you cannot compile a file that includes <linux/serialP.h>
> without including <linux/serial.h>. So, I think the solution is for
> serialP.h to #include serial.h. I have attached a patch that does this.

Ack. I've just found why I and many other people can build it, and
other people can't. I can tell you that you're building 8250.c as a


When I build 8250.c into the kernel, linux/module.h doesn't include
linux/version.h, so when we include linux/serialP.h, the compiler
assumes that LINUX_VERSION_CODE is zero. So we end up including

However, when building as a module, linux/module.h does include
linux/version.h, so when we don't include linux/serial.h.

Oh, the problems of trying to reduce the includes... I think we should
re-include linux/serial.h and eliminate linux/serialP.h.

Hmm, I wonder how many other oddities like this are in the tree today.
It sounds like we want to create a rule similar to the one for using
CONFIG_* symbols. Does this sound reasonable: if you use
LINUX_VERSION_CODE, you must include linux/version.h into that very
same file to guarantee that it is defined.

Well, I took and created (attached).
Oh god, can I please put the worms back in the can? Now? I think
there's lots of work to do here; lots of stuff including linux/version.h
for the hell of it, and a comparitively small number not including it
when they use LINUX_VERSION_CODE.

(No, I'm just off to zzz, so this must be a nightmare, maybe it'll go
away by the time I wake up later today.) 8/

> Ted (or whowever gathers drivers/serial patches for Linus), do
> you want to shepherd this change to Linus, do you want me to submit it
> directly, or do you want to do something else?

It's more a thing for me than Ted. One of the things I'd like to
do is to eventually kill off serialP.h

Ok, here's a fix for the 8250.c build problem (please don't send it
to Linus; I've other changes that'll be going via BK and patch to
lkml pending):

--- orig/drivers/serial/8250.c Fri Aug 2 21:13:31 2002
+++ linux/drivers/serial/8250.c Sat Aug 3 00:28:47 2002
@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@
 #include <linux/console.h>
 #include <linux/sysrq.h>
 #include <linux/serial_reg.h>
-#include <linux/serialP.h>
+#include <linux/circ_buf.h>
+#include <linux/serial.h>
 #include <linux/delay.h>
 #include <asm/io.h>
--- orig/drivers/serial/8250.h Sat Jul 27 13:55:21 2002
+++ linux/drivers/serial/8250.h Sat Aug 3 00:28:21 2002
@@ -59,3 +59,15 @@
 #define SERIAL8250_SHARE_IRQS 0
+#if defined(__alpha__) && !defined(CONFIG_PCI)
+ * Digital did something really horribly wrong with the OUT1 and OUT2
+ * lines on at least some ALPHA's. The failure mode is that if either
+ * is cleared, the machine locks up with endless interrupts.
+ */

And here's the (hacked up) script - its used in the same
way as in the makefile, so use like this:

$ cd linux
$ find * -name SCCS -prune -o -name BitKeeper -prune -o -name '*.[chS]' \
 -type f -print | sort | xargs perl -w ../

I'll clean it up _after_ sleep, unless someone doesn't get there first.

#! /usr/bin/perl
# checkconfig: find uses of CONFIG_* names without matching definitions.
# Copyright abandoned, 1998, Michael Elizabeth Chastain <>.

use integer;

$| = 1;

foreach $file (@ARGV)
    # Open this file.
    open(FILE, $file) || die "Can't open $file: $!\n";

    # Initialize variables.
    my $fInComment = 0;
    my $fInString = 0;
    my $fUseKernCode = 0;
    my $iLinuxVersion = 0;

    LINE: while ( <FILE> )
        # Strip comments.
        $fInComment && (s+^.*?\*/+ +o ? ($fInComment = 0) : next);
        m+/\*+o && (s+/\*.*?\*/+ +go, (s+/\*.*$+ +o && ($fInComment = 1)));

        # Pick up definitions.
        if ( m/^\s*#/o )
            $iLinuxVersion = $. if m/^\s*#\s*include\s*"linux\/version\.h"/o;

        # Strip strings.
        $fInString && (s+^.*?"+ +o ? ($fInString = 0) : next);
        m+"+o && (s+".*?"+ +go, (s+".*$+ +o && ($fInString = 1)));

        # Pick up definitions.
        if ( m/^\s*#/o )
            $iLinuxVersion = $. if m/^\s*#\s*include\s*<linux\/version\.h>/o;

        # Look for usages.
        next unless m/LINUX_VERSION_CODE/o;
        $fUseKernCode = 1;
        last LINE if $iLinuxVersion;
        print "$file: $.: need linux/version.h\n";
        last LINE

    # Report superfluous includes.
    if ( $iLinuxVersion && ! $fUseKernCode )
        { print "$file: $iLinuxVersion: linux/version.h not needed.\n"; }


Russell King (                The developer of ARM Linux

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