Re: linux-2.5.30uc0 MMU-less patches

From: gerg (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 10:51:35 EST

Hi Matthew,

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> Some constructive criticism...

Thanks :-)

> - the Makefile changes seem terribly inappropriate.

They are messy. Some are certainly required, for exmaple
to support the mmnommu directory. Some simplify cross compilation
(like the ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE changes). Some are just pedantic,
creating a binary named linux since this not a vmlinux system.

I'll look at simplify that.

> - you probably didn't mean to include page_alloc2.hack in the diff


> - Do you really need your own copy of fbcon.c? Can it be merged with the
> one in drivers/video?

Looking at it I think it could.

> - arch/m68knommu/console/68328fb.c should probably move to drivers/video
> too.
> - ditto most of the other files in the console directory ...

Yep, looks like the whole thing should be merged/moved into

> - Why are the changes to rd.c required?

The include of linux/mm.h is too get some missing includes
(this is probably due to slightly different includes in something
in include/asm-m68knommu, but I haven't tracked it down yet).

The other change is too work around a compiler bug. Unfortunately
this just appeared in 2.5.30. Gcc is generating incorrect addressing
modes for the ColdFire arhcitecture. This is a short term fix until
the compiler is fixed right.

> - I'm not sure it's appropriate to include the changes to nfs2xdr.c --
> is this a toolchain bug you're working around?

Yes, same as above. I wouldn't expect anyone would want these
changes other than those specifically using ColdFire targets.

> - drivers/char/mcfserial.c needs to be converted to the new serial core
> and moved to drivers/serial.
> - ditto arch/m68knommu/platform/68360/quicc/uart.c

Yep, I am looking at that now. That will take me a little
effort and time to put together.

> I'll look at the change you want to make to locks.c - I'm not terribly
> fond of that interaction either.

Thanks for the tips.


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