suspend-to-disk documentation updates

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 09:05:29 EST


Please apply,

--- linux-swsusp.test/Documentation/swsusp.txt Sun May 26 19:31:41 2002
+++ linux-swsusp/Documentation/swsusp.txt Sat Jun 29 15:56:37 2002
@@ -122,11 +122,9 @@
   interrupts AFAIK..
 - We should only make a copy of data related to kernel segment, since any
   process data won't be changed.
-- By copying pages back to their original position, copy_page caused General
- Protection Fault. Why?
 - Hardware state restoring. Now there's support for notifying via the notify
   chain, event handlers are welcome. Some devices may have microcodes loaded
- into them. We should have event handlers for them aswell.
+ into them. We should have event handlers for them as well.
 - We should support other architectures (There are really only some arch
   related functions..)
 - We should also restore original state of swaps if the ``noresume'' kernel
@@ -148,6 +146,15 @@
   go there anyway..
 - If X is active while suspending then by resuming calling svgatextmode
   corrupts the virtual console of X.. (Maybe this has been fixed AFAIK).
+Drivers we support
+- IDE disks are okay
+- vesafb
+Drivers that need support
+- pc_keyb -- perhaps we can wait for vojtech's input patches
+- do IDE cdroms need some kind of support?
+- IDE CD-RW -- how to deal with that?
 Any other idea you might have tell me!

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