Re: Status of capabilities?

From: Jesse Pollard (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 08:20:13 EST

Chris Wright <>:
> * Jesse Pollard ( wrote:
> >
> > Actually, I think most of that work has already been done by the Linux
> > Security Module project (well, except #7).
> The LSM project supports capabilities exactly as it appears in the
> kernel right now. The EA linkage is still missing. Of course, we are
> accepting patches ;-)

Absolutely - I was just meaning that the effort of identifing the location(s)
in the kernel the hooks will have to be to set the capabilities from the EA
reference has been done. And in a central location too. Also, the hooks in the
filesystem will provide the location, if not access to, the EA when they
become available in/to the VFS (at least I hope that's where they end up).

Jesse I Pollard, II

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