Status of capabilities?

From: Michael Kerrisk (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 07:40:45 EST

When I asked the question below a while back, I got no response. Is there
really noone who can say anything about the future of capabilities?



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From: Michael Kerrisk <>
Subject: Status of capabilities?


What are the current status and future of capabilites? There seems to be no
up-to-date information on this anywhere.

It seems capabilities have been partly implemented since 2.2. That is to

1. The kernel checks (effective) capabilities when performing various

2. System calls are provided to raise and lower capabilties

What's still missing in 2.4, as far as I can see after reading the sources,
is the ability to set capabilities on executable files so that a process
gains those privileges when executing the file. I recall seeing some
information somewhere saying this wasn't possible / wasn't going to happen
for ext2. Is it on the drawing board for any file system?



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