Re: driverfs is not for everything! (was: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map )

From: James Bottomley (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 13:09:13 EST said:
> If a device can be accessed by multiple machines concurrently, it
> should not be in driverfs.

On that argument, we'll eliminate almost all Fibre Channel devices!

I think the qualification for appearing in driverfs is actually possessing a
driver. Therefore, we accept FC and iSCSI. Things which appear as
FileSystems are debatable, but not anything which has a real device driver.

> We need a device tree to do PM. If driverfs's PM capabilities are hurt
> because it doesn't stay true to that, then the featureitis has gone
> too far.

Perhaps it's more a question of whether power management belongs as an every
unit item in driverfs. As you say, we get problems where the device is shared
between multiple computers.


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