Re: driverfs is not for everything! (was: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map )

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 14:50:18 EST

>> = ???
> = Patrick Mochel
>> I think the qualification for appearing in driverfs is actually possessing a
>> driver. Therefore, we accept FC and iSCSI. Things which appear as
>> FileSystems are debatable, but not anything which has a real device driver.
>The qualification for appearing in the device tree is the physical
>presence of the device, regardless of the presence of a driver to control
>it. (This typically depends on the presence of the bus driver so it can
>discover the device.) Presence in the device tree implies presence in

        Lots of "soft" drivers, from /dev/lop to FC and iSCSI could
be simplified by using the struct device <--> struct device_driver
rendezvous code. Under Patrick's propoposed, policy, we would not be
able to get the simplifications in scsi.c, usb.c, or anything else that
could possibly drive a device that was too "soft" for Patrick.

        It is also important for supporting hot plugging that user level
facilities understand that if ide disk #7 was removed that that
poisons /dev/loop/7.

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