Re: /proc/scsi/map

Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 11:04:19 EST

> How can one assign stable device names to SCSI devices in
> case there are devices that may or may not be switched on or connected.

An interesting unsolved problem.
[Your discussion confuses a few things, especially in the context
of removable devices: a uuid lives on the disk, the C,B,T,U tends
to identify the drive rather than the disk.]

> Life would be easier if the scsi subsystem would just report which
> SCSI device (uniquely identified by the controller,bus,target,unit tuple)
> belongs to which high-level device.

Yes. I took your patch, ported it to 2.5, and tried it out.

# cat /proc/scsi/map
# C,B,T,U Type onl sg_nm sg_dev nm dev(hex)
1,0,06,00 0x00 1 sg0 c:15:00 sda b:08:00
2,0,00,00 0x00 1 sg1 c:15:01 sdb b:08:10
2,0,00,01 0x00 1 sg2 c:15:02 sdc b:08:20
3,0,00,00 0x00 1 sg3 c:15:03 sdd b:08:30
3,0,00,01 0x00 1 sg4 c:15:04 sde b:08:40

Very good - in combination with /proc/scsi/scsi this gives
good information. I like it.

But just "cat /proc/scsi/map" is not good enough.
>From the above output alone one cannot easily guess which is which.
One would need a small utility that reads /proc/scsi/map and
/proc/scsi/scsi and produces something readable.
Will add sth to util-linux in case this gets accepted.


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