Re: /proc/scsi/map

From: Sancho Dauskardt (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 14:49:50 EST

>Life would be easier if the scsi subsystem would just report which SCSI
>device (uniquely identified by the controller,bus,target,unit tuple) belongs
>to which high-level device. The information is available in the kernel.
>Attached patch does this:
>garloff@pckurt:/raid5/Kernel/src $ cat /proc/scsi/map
># C,B,T,U Type onl sg_nm sg_dev nm dev(hex)
>0,0,00,00 0x05 1 sg0 c:15:00 sr0 b:0b:00

Great, this was really missing badly.

But how about adding another column: GUID.
Most usb-storage and (all?) FireWire devices have such a unique identitiy.
In contrast to native SCSI devices, these emulated SCSI devices on
hot-plugging busses will change their LUNs/IDs. Therefor the GUID is really
a must to be able to create stable names (laptop suspend, etc.).

Both usb-storage and iee1394-sbp2 know the GUID. It only needs to be

I'd guess that FibreChannel has similar problems ?

- sda

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