Re: Proposed changes to generic blk tag for use in SCSI (1/3)

From: James Bottomley (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 09:29:08 EST said:
> Ehm it's already there, one could argue that it's pretty core
> functionality for this type of stuff :-). It's called
> blk_queue_get_tag(q, tag), and it's in blkdev.h. However, I agree that
> we should just move it into ll_rw_blk.c. That gets better documented
> as well. Could you redo that part?

I guessed it must be. I grepped the IDE tree looking for anything with `get'
or `find' in it, but came up empty. It's actually called
blk_queue_tag_request(), which is why I didn't find it.

Do you want me to keep this name if I move it? said:
> I completely agree with this, blk_queue_start_tag() should not need to
> know about these things so just checking if the request is already
> marked tagged is fine with me. But please make that a warning, like

Actually, I think it should be a BUG(). By the time a tagged request comes in
to blk_queue_start_tag, we must already have corrupted the lists since we use
the same list element (req->queuelist) to queue on both the tag queue and the
request queue.

> And also _please_ fix the comment about REQ_CMD and not just the code,
> it's doesn't stand anymore.

Will do...I didn't see much point altering the comment in the prototype until
there was agreement that it was OK to do it this way.


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