results: Remove 8 bytes from struct page on 64bit archs

From: Anton Blanchard (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 20:25:55 EST


> I'm curious to see how large the tradeoff is with calculating
> virtual in page_address(). The overhead there may be larger than
> the win we get from better cacheline footprint in struct page

Check out:

"struct page can be hazardous to your health"

On this machine (2 way power3) we see a ~5% improvement on dbench by
removing ->zone. Quite a nice improvement.

When we also remove ->virtual and use pointer arithmetic to do
page_address() performance drops back down. The reason for this can
be found in:

Search for divd, remembering the percentage to the left is shifted one
instruction down. Yes divides really hurt.

Basically the difference is:

page_address() using page->virtual:

        ld 25,112(31)

page_address() using pointer arithmetic:

        .quad mem_map
        .quad 0xc000000000000000


        ld 9,.LC1
        li 11,120 ; sizeof(struct page)
        ld 10,.LC2
        ld 0,0(9)
        subf 0,0,31
        divd 0,0,11
        sldi 0,0,12
        add 25,0,10

Perhaps the compiler should be optimising this better (can we replace
the divide?)

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