2.4.17 - hanging due to usb

From: Dylan Egan (crack_me@bigpond.com.au)
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 20:13:55 EST


I am currently trying to install my usb-storage device to use with 2.4.17.
I have my usb device connected and switched on so when i do insmod usb-uhci
or insmod uhci it automatically picks it up and goes to install it but a
few seconds after its done that, linux just freezes up and i can't do
anything except reboot via the reboot switch (keyboard does not work). My
usb is using a shared irq with onboard sound so i disabled sound in the
BIOS and retried, only to find it failed again. I dont have enough time to
check for any errors so i can't figure out the problem and when i check the
logs there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary.

Using VIA KT266 mobo chipset....



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