RE: Whizzy New Feature: Paged segmented memory

From: Kevin Krieser (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 15:41:07 EST

Even if you decided to come up with a whole new OS designed around it, along
with tools, you couldn't solve all your problems with this method.

Mainly, it is because of the limited number of segments you can have in a
process. And unless Intel extended the number of segments when they went
from the 286 to the 386, you would be limited to 8192 (16384) segments in a
process, way too few to make usable programs in this day and age. And once
you start combining data within segments, you have opened the door to buffer
overruns again.

        Any comments on how useful it would be to have paged, segmented,
memory support for Pentium? I was thinking that by having separate
segments for text, stack, and heap, buffer overrun exploits would be
eliminated (I'm aware that this would require GCC patching as well).
        Obviously, I'm thinking that I (and any similar fools I could rope
in) would try this (Probably delivering for a kernel at least a year out
of date by the time we had a patch).

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