Re: [CFT] [JANITORIAL] Unbork fs.h

Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 10:16:32 EST

    grep -r "sizeof (" linux | wc -l,
    grep -r "sizeof(" linux | wc -l:

    sizeof (foo): 1611, sizeof(foo): 19364 => -bs should be removed

> > -psl: Put the type of a procedure on the line before its name.

    grep -r -B2 "^{" linux | grep "^[^ ]*(" | wc -l,
    grep -r -B2 "^{" linux | grep "^.* .*(" | wc -l:

    foo(int x): 11408, int foo(int x): 57275 => -psl should be removed

I do not think good style is best defined by majority vote.

    grep -r "\*) [a-z_(]" . | wc -l,
    grep -r "\*)[a-z_(]" . | wc -l:

    (void *) foo: 11274, (void *)foo: 17062 => -ncs should be added

> Not putting a space after a cast is gross ;)

    Well, it seems you are in the (slight) minority on this one. It's not as
    big a margin as the other ones, but still measurable. I wasn't able to
    find any examples from the King Penguin himself on this one.

Read old kernel sources.

        de = (struct minix_dir_entry *) (offset + bh->b_data);

        :"S" ((long) name),"D" ((long) buffer),"c" (len)

        if (32 != sizeof (struct minix_inode))

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