Re: [Fwd: i810_audio]

From: Nathan Bryant (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 00:09:52 EST

Doug Ledford wrote:

> Possibly. If anything it's likely that either the orinoco or the i810
> driver is not handling spurious interrupts properly. Now, since I've
> been using my i810 device in a machine that doesn't share it's
> interrupt I can't *personally* vouch that it handles things properly,
> but from looking at the interrupt handler code, it should. The other
> possibility is that the orinoco might enable interrupts on the pcmcia
> slot before it actually registers its own interrupt handler. If it
> does, and the card already has the interrupt line lit up, then it can
> generate an interrupt storm that looks like a machine lockup. A way
> to test that is to unload the i810 sound driver and anything else that
> might use the interrupt the orinoco uses, then load the orinoco, wait
> until it's fully up and running, then load the i810 driver and see if
> things work that way. If it does, then it's almost certainly an init
> sequence issue in the orinoco driver.

Forgot to mention, my machine is sharing IRQ 17 between a 3c905 and the
i810. So it seems ok here. Perhaps there's a problem with the orinoco
driver's ISR.

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