Re: [Fwd: i810_audio]

From: Doug Ledford (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 23:59:09 EST

Nick Papadonis wrote:

> I tried the 0.13 driver yesterday. It appears to work fine, but when
> I insert my Orinoco WaveLan card they system locks up. I reverted to
> the i810 audio driver included in kernel v2.4.16 and this problem
> isn't encountered.
> Is there a conflict with the orinoco and orinoco_cs drivers from
> kernel v2.4.16?

Possibly. If anything it's likely that either the orinoco or the i810
driver is not handling spurious interrupts properly. Now, since I've been
using my i810 device in a machine that doesn't share it's interrupt I can't
*personally* vouch that it handles things properly, but from looking at the
interrupt handler code, it should. The other possibility is that the
orinoco might enable interrupts on the pcmcia slot before it actually
registers its own interrupt handler. If it does, and the card already has
the interrupt line lit up, then it can generate an interrupt storm that
looks like a machine lockup. A way to test that is to unload the i810 sound
driver and anything else that might use the interrupt the orinoco uses, then
load the orinoco, wait until it's fully up and running, then load the i810
driver and see if things work that way. If it does, then it's almost
certainly an init sequence issue in the orinoco driver.


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