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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 18:07:58 EST

Timothy Covell wrote:

>On Wednesday 02 January 2002 13:39, Tony Hoyle wrote:
>>Timothy Covell wrote:
>>> Of course, you can copy over the new
>>>file to /boot, but their is no (easy) way of having more than
>>>one active version via "lilo" or "grub". And that could be
>>>considered a deficiency of the Linux OS.
>>???? Just call it,, etc. Sounds
>>pretty 'easy' to me.
>>'make install' does all this for you, btw.
>Not on grub. I quote:
> It is also possible to do "make install" if you have lilo
> installed to suit the kernel makefiles,
> but you may want to check your particular lilo setup first.
>But, on my grub based system, I have to:
>1. "make bzlilo" which creates vmlinuz and
>and puts them in / and not in /boot. (make bzlilo is easier to use
>than bzimage)
>2. cp /vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz-x.y.x ; cp / /boot/
>3. rm /boot/ ; ln -s /boot/ /boot/
>4. vi /boot/grub.conf (or /etc/grub.conf) and put in new kernel boot entry.
>5. sync;sync;shutdown -r now
If you export INSTALL_PATH=/boot then the copying and removing and
relinking will be unnecessary.

Nick Harring
Webley Systems, Inc.

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