From: Timothy Covell (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 15:03:15 EST

On Wednesday 02 January 2002 13:39, Tony Hoyle wrote:
> Timothy Covell wrote:
> > Of course, you can copy over the new
> > file to /boot, but their is no (easy) way of having more than
> > one active version via "lilo" or "grub". And that could be
> > considered a deficiency of the Linux OS.
> ???? Just call it,, etc. Sounds
> pretty 'easy' to me.
> 'make install' does all this for you, btw.
> Tony

Not on grub. I quote:
        It is also possible to do "make install" if you have lilo
        installed to suit the kernel makefiles,
          but you may want to check your particular lilo setup first.

But, on my grub based system, I have to:

1. "make bzlilo" which creates vmlinuz and
and puts them in / and not in /boot. (make bzlilo is easier to use
than bzimage)

2. cp /vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz-x.y.x ; cp / /boot/

3. rm /boot/ ; ln -s /boot/ /boot/

4. vi /boot/grub.conf (or /etc/grub.conf) and put in new kernel boot entry.

5. sync;sync;shutdown -r now

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