From: Astinus (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 14:42:09 EST

I know i have been posting too many questions on this subject and i also
know that these athlon issues were deeply discussed some week ago.
So i went back and READ ALL the posts concerning dual athlon machines and
even chipsets! But my dought remains.

I am about to buy a dual athlon pc, a tyan's thunder k7 S2462 ( 760mp ) and
two 1800 or 1700 ahtlon MP processors.
I will buy the registered DDram supported or advised by tyan's manufacturer
as well as a good power supply and some major cooling.

My main question is: Am i going to have any kind of problems when trying
to run a SMP kernel???
I was prety sure the problems only came with the Xps! But then i read:

"XPs and MPs are quite similar!"
"The MP technollogy is just AMD trying to take us some more money"
( and more than once i ve seen statements like these! )

Then i went on reading and realised all those problems when trying to run
the SMP kernels with the AThlon XP...... ~made me very worried!!!

At last i almost collapsed when i saw this mail:

"I have a similar system running fine. It has a Tyan S2460, a pair of
Athlon MP 1800s, 512M (2x256) and a pair of IBM 60G drives.

I haven't seen any signs of kernel instability. However:

  1) When I first got it I had the BIOS do some very odd things; at one
  point the CMOS got cleared and then everything worked from there on
  in. So a good CMOS clean could be in order. I had to use the Debian
  safe boot set prior to this."

The author is now running a stable system as far as i can understand but
what were those strange things that happened when he first got his machine

I am FOR SRE a kernel newbie and i have no problem with that.
I learn fast and am quite interested in becoming expert, so the last thing i
want is a machine which i have to reboot every 2 or 3 days or even each
our... as it has been happening to some people with the XPs.
( Plz don't send me to the kernelnewbie list as someone already did cause u
can explain me these matters much better than anyone on that list ).

Can anyone explian me why almost every body, even quite big servers bought
athlon xps instead of the mp ones^??
This is an issue that concerns me too!! You see, ~why would a big server
risk to buy a processor that may not work when the other one (mp) is suppose
to work?? Is it for the extraa dollars u have to spend on the hardware???

Am I w~rong?? Are the MPs and the XPs so similar that the problems u have
with one will be the same with the other???

I would like some opinions on this.

I never had an AMD machine but with the current performance of this
manufacturer's material i was willing to change intel for AMD.
What i dn't want is to spend my cash ~in a machine that i will hate for the
rest of its life :P.

Thank to the ones who will be willing to help me.


regards Astinus

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