Re: [RFC] Standard way of generating assembler offsets

From: Keith Owens (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 06:27:19 EST

On Mon, 08 Oct 2001 02:49:46 -0700 (PDT),
"David S. Miller" <> wrote:
>BTW, I assume you have already taken a look at how we
>do this on Sparc64. See arch/sparc64/kernel/
>and the "check_asm" target in arch/sparc64/kernel/Makefile
>It also works in all cross-compilation etc. environments.
>And I bet it would work on every platform with very minimal
>changes, if any.

I finally had time to look at sparc64 check_asm. The code suffers from
several problems:

* It is only built at make dep time so any patches after make dep that
  affect the asm offsets are not picked up.

* The code has to know about all the config options that affect the
  structures, it manually tests for SMP and SPIN_LOCK_DEBUG. That is
  bad enough but other architectures are much worse, several config
  settings can change the asm offsets, each config setting would have
  to be manually defined.

* The asm output lists all fields in the input structures. It is
  arguable if this is a good or bad thing, I prefer to explicitly
  define just the symbols required by asm so I view this as a bad

* check_asm can only generate offsetof and sizeof fields. So
  calculated fields like AOFF_task_fpregs have to be done elsewhere.

* The code is complex. I thought my asm-offsets.c->.s->.h conversion
  was complicated but asm_check takes the cake.

Here is a first cut at doing sparc64 asm offsets the same way that i386
and ia64 are done in kbuild 2.5.

* It uses .c->.s->h so it plugs directly into the kbuild 2.5 dependency
  handling, any patch or config changes that affect asm-offsets.h will
  automatically rebuild asm-offsets.h.

* Only the fields actually used by asm are listed. I may have missed a
  field or two but gcc will tell us that.

* asm-offsets.c DEFINE() can do any calculation. So AOFF_task_fpregs
  is now calculated here.

* Less complex :).

* The addition of comments against each define makes the result more

==== arch/sparc64/asm-offsets.c ====

 * Generate definitions needed by assembly language modules.
 * This code generates raw asm output which is post-processed to extract
 * and format the required data.

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/stddef.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>

/* Use marker if you need to separate the values later */

#define DEFINE(sym, val, marker) \
  asm volatile("\n-> " #sym " %0 " #val " " #marker : : "i" (val))

#define BLANK() asm volatile("\n->" : : )

  DEFINE(AOFF_mm_context, offsetof(struct mm_struct, context),);

  DEFINE(AOFF_task_blocked, offsetof(struct task_struct, blocked),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_egid, offsetof(struct task_struct, egid),);
  DEFINE(ASIZ_task_egid, sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->egid),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_euid, offsetof(struct task_struct, euid),);
  DEFINE(ASIZ_task_euid, sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->euid),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_flags, offsetof(struct task_struct, flags),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_fpregs, (sizeof(struct task_struct) + (64 - 1)) & ~(64 - 1),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_gid, offsetof(struct task_struct, gid),);
  DEFINE(ASIZ_task_gid, sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->gid),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_need_resched, offsetof(struct task_struct, need_resched),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_personality, offsetof(struct task_struct, personality),);
  DEFINE(ASIZ_task_personality, sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->personality),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_pid, offsetof(struct task_struct, pid),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_p_opptr, offsetof(struct task_struct, p_opptr),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_processor, offsetof(struct task_struct, processor),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_ptrace, offsetof(struct task_struct, ptrace),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_sigpending, offsetof(struct task_struct, sigpending),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_thread, offsetof(struct task_struct, thread),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_task_uid, offsetof(struct task_struct, uid),);
  DEFINE(ASIZ_task_uid, sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->uid),);

  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_current_ds, offsetof(struct thread_struct, current_ds),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_fault_address, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fault_address),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_fault_code, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fault_code),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_flags, offsetof(struct thread_struct, flags),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_fork_kpsr, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fork_kpsr),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_fpdepth, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fpdepth),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_fpsaved, offsetof(struct thread_struct, fpsaved),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_gsr, offsetof(struct thread_struct, gsr),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_kernel_cntd0, offsetof(struct thread_struct, kernel_cntd0),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_pcr_reg, offsetof(struct thread_struct, pcr_reg),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_reg_window, offsetof(struct thread_struct, reg_window),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_rwbuf_stkptrs, offsetof(struct thread_struct, rwbuf_stkptrs),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_use_blkcommit, offsetof(struct thread_struct, use_blkcommit),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_utraps, offsetof(struct thread_struct, utraps),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_uwinmask, offsetof(struct thread_struct, uwinmask),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_w_saved, offsetof(struct thread_struct, w_saved),);
  DEFINE(AOFF_thread_xfsr, offsetof(struct thread_struct, xfsr),);

  return 0;

==== arch/sparc64/ ====

# Convert raw asm offsets into something that can be included as
# assembler definitions. It converts
# -> symbol $value source
# into
# #define symbol value /* 0xvalue source */

        ($(objfile asm-offsets.s))
        (set -e;
          (echo "#ifndef __ASM_OFFSETS_H__";
           echo "#define __ASM_OFFSETS_H__";
           echo "/*";
           echo " * DO NOT MODIFY";
           echo " *";
           echo " * This file was generated by arch/$(ARCH)/";
           echo " *";
           echo " */";
           echo "";
           awk "/^->\$$/{printf(\"\\n\");}
             /^-> /{
               sym = \$$2;
               val = \$$3;
               sub(/^\\\$$/, \"\", val);
               \$$1 = \"\";
               \$$2 = \"\";
               \$$3 = \"\";
               printf(\"#define %-24s %4d\\t\\t\\t/* 0x%x\\t%s */\\n\",
                 sym, val, val, \$$0)
           echo "";
           echo "#endif";
          ) < $< > $@;

==== arch/sparc64/asm-offsets.h output ====

This is partial output and was actually generated on i386 so the
numbers are wrong but it shows what the output will look like. I do
not have access to a machine for compiling 2.4 sparc64 kernels so none
of the thread values are in this sample.

#ifndef __ASM_OFFSETS_H__
#define __ASM_OFFSETS_H__
 * This file was generated by arch/sparc64/

#define AOFF_mm_context 128 /* 0x80 offsetof(struct mm_struct, context) */

#define AOFF_task_blocked 1632 /* 0x660 offsetof(struct task_struct, blocked) */
#define AOFF_task_egid 572 /* 0x23c offsetof(struct task_struct, egid) */
#define ASIZ_task_egid 4 /* 0x4 sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->egid) */
#define AOFF_task_euid 556 /* 0x22c offsetof(struct task_struct, euid) */
#define ASIZ_task_euid 4 /* 0x4 sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->euid) */
#define AOFF_task_flags 4 /* 0x4 offsetof(struct task_struct, flags) */
#define AOFF_task_fpregs 1728 /* 0x6c0 (sizeof(struct task_struct) + (64 - 1)) & ~(64 - 1) */
#define AOFF_task_gid 568 /* 0x238 offsetof(struct task_struct, gid) */
#define ASIZ_task_gid 4 /* 0x4 sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->gid) */
#define AOFF_task_need_resched 20 /* 0x14 offsetof(struct task_struct, need_resched) */
#define AOFF_task_personality 116 /* 0x74 offsetof(struct task_struct, personality) */
#define ASIZ_task_personality 4 /* 0x4 sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->personality) */
#define AOFF_task_pid 124 /* 0x7c offsetof(struct task_struct, pid) */
#define AOFF_task_p_opptr 148 /* 0x94 offsetof(struct task_struct, p_opptr) */
#define AOFF_task_processor 52 /* 0x34 offsetof(struct task_struct, processor) */
#define AOFF_task_ptrace 24 /* 0x18 offsetof(struct task_struct, ptrace) */
#define AOFF_task_sigpending 8 /* 0x8 offsetof(struct task_struct, sigpending) */
#define AOFF_task_thread 880 /* 0x370 offsetof(struct task_struct, thread) */
#define AOFF_task_uid 552 /* 0x228 offsetof(struct task_struct, uid) */
#define ASIZ_task_uid 4 /* 0x4 sizeof(((struct task_struct *)NULL)->uid) */

/* Thread values would be here if I could compile for sparc64. */


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