[PATCH] for 2.4.9 console driver: user defined terminal answerbacks

From: Andy Greenhalgh (andy.greenhalgh@bazaar.uklinux.net)
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 05:39:33 EST

I've put together a simple patch for the console driver of the 2.4.9
(listed below). The same patch can also be applied to the 2.2.17 kernel
I guess that's becoming less relevant. The patch enables what I believe
be correct vt102 answerback behaviour i.e. an answerback string of up to
characters in response to ascii ENQ (0x05). Later DEC terminals would
respond to an answerback request of \E[c if I remember rightly, however
have tried to remain faithful to the philosophy of providing a vt102
emulation. In truth I did patch this as well, but took it out after
succumbing to a puritanical whim. The answerback is user defined by
the top most string in the kernel function key string table:
func_table[255]. This kernel data structure can be accessed by the
console_ioctl interface. In practice users can set the answerback by the
of loadkeys (string F246).

All errors are of course my own and confident though I am, I would
you initially proceed with caution as I can not accept liability for any
untoward consequences :-(. Also, please CC any responses as
unfortunately I
am not subscribed to this mail list due to the limitations of eking out
existence on a humble dial-up connection.

Best wishes


--- console.c_orig_ Sun Sep 2 13:53:20 2001
+++ console.c Sun Sep 2 14:26:17 2001
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
  * (such as cursor movement) and should not be displayed as a
  * glyph unless the disp_ctrl mode is explicitly enabled.
-#define CTRL_ACTION 0x0d00ff81
+#define CTRL_ACTION 0x0d00ffa1
 #define CTRL_ALWAYS 0x0800f501 /* Cannot be overridden by disp_ctrl */
@@ -1148,6 +1148,23 @@
        respond_string(VT102ID, tty);
+/* User defined answerback: string F246 in loadkeys
+ Truncated at 20 chars for correct vt102 behavior */
+static inline void answerback(struct tty_struct * tty)
+ char buf[21];
+ if (func_table[255]) {
+ if (strlen(func_table[255]) > 20) {
+ strncpy(buf, func_table[255], 20);
+ buf[20] = '\0';
+ respond_string(buf, tty);
+ }
+ else
+ respond_string(func_table[255], tty);
+ }
 void mouse_report(struct tty_struct * tty, int butt, int mrx, int mry)
        char buf[8];
@@ -1430,6 +1447,9 @@
        switch (c) {
        case 0:
+ return;
+ case 5:
+ answerback(tty);
        case 7:
                if (bell_duration)

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