Re: IDE Hot-Swap, does it work?, Conspiracy is afoot! (more questions)

From: Wakko Warner (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 21:28:38 EST

Pozsar Balazs wrote:
> Wakko, could you tell me in detail how to use hdparm -R and -U, because i
> couldn't get it work. Does it (or shoudl it) work for harddisks too?

I'm not sure if it supports hdds or not, As far as I can see, it basically
rescans for the device you're doing. I attach the contrib script (comes in
hdparm's source tree but not generally included

> What chipset/hardware supports ide-hot-swap, and which of these are
> supported in linux?
> Under The Other Operating System 2000 i have seen this working on a few
> machines for example on an asus cusl2 mobo, so that chipset (i think
> intel 815e) at least can got to do this job.

I think it would work on all ide chipsets, but i'm not sure. I have hot
plugged IDE into standard systems and hdds not designed for it. You do run
a risk of hardware damage which I has never happened for me (but could
happen to me next time I try or it could happen to you. Be warned). For
this, I've had a system who's / is not an ide disk (I have a machine
mounting / over nfs) and I load/unload ide modules.

I'd like to see support for this similar to /proc/scsi/scsi to rescan

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