Re: [PATCH] devfs v194 available

From: Alexander Viro (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 03:50:35 EST

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Richard Gooch wrote:

> Hi, all. Version 194 of my devfs patch is now available from:
> The devfs FAQ is also available here.
> Patch directly available from:
> ftp://ftp.??
> AND:
> This is against 2.4.11-pre6. Highlights of this release:
> - Fixed overrun in <devfs_link> by removing function (not needed)

... doesn't fix _under_run in try_modload() (see what happens if namelen is
255 and parent is devfs root)

... doesn't fix the deadlock introduced into -pre6 in place of symlink
races. That

    /* Need to follow the link: this is a stack chomper */
    down_read (&symlink_rwsem);
    retval = curr->registered ?
        search_for_entry (parent, curr->u.symlink.linkname,
                          curr->u.symlink.length, FALSE, FALSE, NULL,
                          TRUE) : NULL;
    up_read (&symlink_rwsem);

is a fairly bad idea. Think what happens if somebody else tries to
acquire symlink_rwsem for write between two calls of down_read() in
that recursion.

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