Re: Have problems with big kernel? Here is a loadlin replacement

From: VDA (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 02:54:18 EST

Hi folks,

Replying to myself is strange, but...

V> Some time ago I have been bitten by loadlin refusing
V> to load bzImages bigger than 1023623 bytes (well,
V> that's the size of biggest one which it can load for me).

V> Tried to fix it. Decided that fiddling with that much
V> asm is not productive. Wrote a replacement. See attached tar.
V> It works for me. It is as much alpha as it can probably
V> be, but it works. I have lots of ideas how to improve it.

Improved it. It has commandline params now :-)
This means included .exe is almost usable
(if you are fine with hardcoded vga=0x303 or ready to
patch it with binary editor)

TODO: initrd, vga=xxx

Best regards, VDA

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