Re: Virii on lists

From: Ian Stirling (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 16:27:45 EST

> | > No. If you look carefully, you would be surprised at how many
> | > are using OutlookSExpress to handle their email.
> | > Of course in case of Viruses using OE security bugs, we all are
> | > seeing the distilled evil.

> Of course, non of the common "holes" in OE are left unfixed. People
> should be responsible to update their mail clients. People using
> Windows (like me) should also be responsible to maintain current virus
> software themselves, rather than leaving that job to the mail server,
> which seems like an unfair burden on the mail server to me.

Not everyone has control of the system they can post from.
Some IS departments are poor at keeping systems secure, but still
won't let users touch them.

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